Dancing Between Bamboo Poles (Village Books Publishing)

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Like the traditional Tinikling dancers of the Philippines, whose feet flash between poles drumming against the ground, the poems and essays of Dancing Between Bamboo Poles evoke the agility needed to move between history and personal experience, to negotiate conflicting cultural expectations, and to trace the fluid nature of identity as it shifts from role to role.


Politics of Beauty: Wing Luke Museum
Becoming a Woman of Color: Writing It Real
Chasing After Papang: Hawaii Review

On Craft

Saying Yes: Making the Pause Mid-Flight
The Art of Silencing


True Stories: The Narrative Project, Vol. 1 (Penchant Press)

Written by participants of Cami Ostman’s Seattle-based Narrative Project. Participants attend a nine-month course in intense instruction, coaching, and fellowship. The Narrative Projects produces an anthology every two years. Participants come from all parts of the world.