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You must always be intoxicated. It is the key to all: the one question. In order not to feel the horrible burden of Time breaking your breaking your back, and bending you to the earth, you must become drunk, without truce. But on What? On wine, poetry, or virtue, as...

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Writing with Sound and Scent

Writing with Sound and Scent Besides the sweet plot and wonderful visuals, I realized that this video shows us what we do as authors. Our readers rely on us to be their senses - sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Without us and their narrator, readers cannot...

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Life Is Not Fair

Life Is Not Fair

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to an awesome webseries: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers I love not only the incredible choreography and dance talent, but also the concept behind the series. Jon M. Chu "discovered" all the dance talent in the series by...

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Artist’s Statement

As a Filipino American writer and performance storyteller, my art is based on the impact of heritage on shaping and informing personal experience and the importance of self-expression as a method of healing. I view my writing and performing as subversive acts against invisibility and silence in a society where women of color are often viewed through an objectifying, exoticizing lens. Raised in a family focused on assimilation, I grew up sheltered from the Vietnam War and the Marcos dictatorship by a shield of language. Becoming a socially aware cultural activist has been a process of understanding the impact of the American Dream trope on my family and upbringing. As a result, I have connected with diverse ethnic groups who also value art as a method of self-expression and an act of compassion. A desire for wholeness drives my art which seeks to weave past and present, folktale with fact, subjectivity with objectivity into works which entertain and enliven others.


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