Voicing the Silences: A 9-month Multi-Genre Writing Workshop

“Write what should not be forgotten.” – Isabel Allende

Once we decide to listen to the untold stories of our hearts, it can be difficult to know how to shape the works into something meaningful and expressive. The act of writing about our experiences helps to us understand our personal narratives and the unique way we see the world.

Voicing the Silences provides 9 months of instruction and community support to help you explore the forms found in poetry, memoir, and fiction by tapping into your life story. This online tele-workshop brings together a maximum of 12 writers with 6 writers per editorial feedback group. A private Facebook group will keep participants connected to each other, share resources, and provide encouragement to one another easily.

Participants will benefit from:
•    Individual coaching for creating an organized writing life that is specifically designed with your personality, temperament, and schedule in mind.
•    A supportive writing community who will help you see the impact of your writing and the importance of telling your stories and viewpoint.
•    Instruction on a variety of forms found in poetry, fiction, and memoir and how each genre uses voice, pacing, narration, and theme to express personal experience.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor is a writer, storyteller, and creativity coach. She received her MFA in Creative Writing in 2012 and her non-fiction, poetry, and short fiction have appeared in print and online in several journals and anthologies: Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults, Kuwento: Small Things, and Beyond Lumpia, Pansit, and Seven Manangs Wild: An Anthology. Recently she served as guest poetry editor for the special section Celebration for Raven Chronicles.

Her poetry chapbook “Pause Mid-Flight” was released in 2010 and her memoir of identity and motherhood titled “Long Way ‘Round” is in development.

Find her on the web: rebeccamabanglomayor.com

Contact: RebeccaMM@Connecting-Points.com