Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor has been performing stories based on Filipino folktales and Filipino-American history as a member of the Bellingham Storyteller’s Guild since 2004. As a creative, culturally-inspired entertainer, she encourages others to celebrate their uniqueness within community. She has worked closely with indigenous peoples of the Philippines, British Columbia, Canada, and Coast Salish Nations to advocate the preservation of traditional knowledge through story. A desire for wholeness drives her art and weaves past and present, folktale with fact, subjectivity with objectivity into works that entertain and enliven others.

June 26 – 19

Voices Upon the Tradewinds: An Asian Pacific Storytelling Summit
Kansas City, Missouri

June 29 – July 2
National Storytelling Network Conference
All Our Voices: Stories of Immigration & Migration

Kansas City, Missouri


Voices On the Tradewinds | Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Contact: Teller@RebeccaMabangloMayor.com